About Us
Previous Broadcast and Digital Projects include:

                                                    Beyond Beijing; Four-part series
                                                    exploring everyday life in six
                                                    Chinese cities "beyond Beijing,"
                                                    some famous, others barely
                                                    known outside China. Series
                                                    in 43 countries, by an estimated
                                                    audience of 250+ million viewers.   

Spacewalkers: The Ultimate High-Wire Act; one-hour Discovery
Channel program on what it is like to quite literally “walk” in space,
an act requiring skill, daring and a lot of luck.  The program
incorporated exclusive training footage as well as behind-the-
scenes astronaut interviews.

Five Points of Life; multi-part web-doc charting the journey of nine
amateur cyclists, none under 40, and their 2,000 mile odyssey  
through the heart of America.  

INNOVATION; long-running PBS
science, health and technology
series. Includes
People in Motion,
first prime time series to deal with
disability and disability-related
issues. Broadcast by 150+ Public
TV stations, and distributed to
hundreds of libraries and schools.